Karahan LOGISTICS, with its expert staff who have knowledge and experience in foreign trade, plans to provide rational solutions to the problems of its customers for foreign trade applications, and they are planning to provide permanent and least risk for their customers.Boundary fees, hourly costs and costs vary by country make foreign trade higher than national trade. As an ideal foreign trade partner at this point, Karahan LOGISTICS aims to offer high value-added, tailor-made and tailor-made foreign trade services to its customers at minimum costs with its own companies and experienced staff in 10 countries. Karahan LOGISTICS works in full cooperation with its customers in risky customs and foreign trade environment.With the consultancy of Karahan LOGISTICS, customers are taking steps to new markets without any hesitation. It is among the advantages of working with Karahan LOGISTICS to increase productivity by calculating costs in foreign trade, to ensure efficiency in managing the communication of foreign trade parties, to take necessary actions in accordance with the necessary legislation and to adapt the systems of customers if necessary, and to carry out foreign trade operations effectively.