To be the most valuable logistics brand with innovative and pioneering services.

Quality Policies

Our first priority is;

To be able to determine, to perceive and fulfill the current and future needs and expectations of our customers and to provide “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEM in this way, to be the leading organization that determines the standard in our sector and continuously increases. To achieve this goal;

  • To increase the competencies of our employees, who are volunteer practitioners of our quality policy, through planned training activities,
  • Management of all our activities with objectives,
  • All parties involved in the effective use of communication tools; to have an organization that has mutual and continuous learning by ensuring the participation of customers, employees, suppliers and public institutions,
  • Comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws when performing our services,
  • Monitoring procurement policies that support the development of our cooperation with our suppliers,
  • We have adopted the principle of conducting a Quality Assurance System in accordance with ISO 9001, increasing the efficiency of this system and extending the continuous improvement goal for all our activities as our “PRINCIPLES”.