The experience of our employees in the sector for many years; has been established in a system with its customers in the international category and proved its expertise in terms of the technical knowledge and attitudes and behaviors required by the sector. KARAHAN LOGISTICS today, when technology is developing rapidly, it can serve the expectations of companies, import, export and transportation operations as active, effective, principled and honest. For us, to solve the problems of our customers as a principle that is applied in the west and a standard that this sectoral formation in our country is to provide as KARAHAN LOGISTICS.

  •   Expert staff and experience in import customs export operations
  •   It is a logistic service provider where customers need to work or consult under any circumstances with their knowledge, experience and way of doing business.
  •   It is the experience that knows your sector, understands you and produces projects specific to the expectations of you and our customers.
  •   Provides fast solutions with the best understanding of your expectations.


  • Responsibility
  • Quality service
  • Expertise
  • Partnership
  • Creativity
  • Specificity in Solutions
  • Reliability
  • Technological Infrastructure